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SAVAGE VILLAINS is the fighting number 1 game and a idea of a spiritual successor to Hi rez Studios, but adding the violence of SMITE and MONSTER SMASH, and the sadism of the permited or prohibited game Thrill Kill. Like Monsters and Danmed, the characters will have custom skins, but to no conflicts with both games, the characters can only have one Final Kill (how Monster Smash, one Fatality per character). Now this is the Story:

Planet Earth is finally threatened because of the 20 villains of the Savage, 5 are the most important, the Prime villain is Kev Kratt Hunter, a Hunter animal that threatens the most worst of the Kratt Brothers, El Segundo is the Queen Chef, a cook who cooks the Trolls so your villagers will be happy (says that the most important organ is the stomach) The third is Pitch Black, a wizard who kills all the guardians of the astonishment and leaves filled with fear and darkness, fourth Mr.XY, a singer who transforms rockers on vendors of Perfumes and is making music album and the fifth is the dark more Lion, a lion that belongs to the dark lands (was banished many years ago) and wants to kill Simba and destroy the guard of the Kion. Max is a black demon. They invaded to many different parts of the world. Saw Twisted made a power of cartoon characters. So peace is transformed into war.

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