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Season Five is the fifth season of PBS Kids' Wild Kratts. It was first announced on June 20, 2016[1], and officially confirmed also on June 20, 2016 by 9 Story Entertainment.


Returning Cast Members


Guest Starring



Season Five Episodes
No. Title Directed by Written by Featured Creatures Original air date
1 Mystery of the North Pole Penguins? TBA TBA Emperor Penguin August 7, 2017
2 Temple of the Tigers TBA TBA Bengal Tiger July 27, 2017
3 The Dhole Duplicator TBA TBA Dhole November 6, 2017
4 The Cobra King TBA TBA Indian Cobra
King Cobra
November 7, 2017
5 Fire Salamander TBA TBA Fire Salamander November 8, 2017
6 The Hamster Swing TBA TBA European Hamster TBA
7 Wild Ponies TBA TBA Wild Horse TBA
8 Ready, the Elephants TBA TBA Indian Elephant TBA
9 The Suction of the Perishable Bear TBA TBA Sloth Bear TBA
10 We Make Great Jumps! TBA TBA Grasshopper TBA
11 Alaska: Hero's Journey Part 1 TBA TBA Sockeye Salmon July 24, 2017
12 Alaska: Hero's Journey Part 2 TBA TBA Sockeye Salmon July 24, 2017
13 The Great Blue Heron TBA TBA Great Blue Heron TBA
14 Choose a Swordfish TBA TBA Swordfish
15 The Dragon of Komodo TBA TBA Komodo Dragon TBA
16 Episode 134 TBA TBA Blue Whale TBA
17 Episode 135 TBA TBA Coral TBA
18 Episode 135 TBA TBA Pygmy Mouse Lemur TBA
19 Episode 136 TBA TBA Star-nosed Mole TBA
20 Creepy Creatures!-Part 1 TBA TBA Goliath Birdeater TBA
21 Creepy Creatures!-Part 2 TBA TBA Common Vampire Bat TBA