This page is about the animal. For the episode, see Seasquatch.

Seasquatch is the name given to a yeti crab by Wild Kratts member Martin Kratt that made its first appearance in the Wild Kratts episode "Seasquatch".

Animal overview

Character background

After Martin accidentally knocks Jimmy Z's controller in the water, he and his brother Chris Kratt hop into the Amphi-Sub and head down to the bottom of the ocean to retrieve it. Once they reach the bottom, their submersible starts losing power, prompting them to find an energy source that will allow them to return to the surface. They then see a yeti crab, which Martin names Seasquatch, holding its arms over a vent to collect hovering bacteria. Seeing how Seasquatch takes advantage of the energy-making bacteria, Chris starts hooking up some canisters to the engine. Martin also asks fellow teammate Aviva to make Yeti Crab Discs. Aviva quickly finishes the discs, which she teleports. Martin grabs the Disc and activates his Creature Power Suit. He follows Seasquatch to the same trench and waves his arms over it, collecting bacteria. After Seasquatch throws him away for space, an earthquake ensues. Martin runs back, when he sees Jimmy's controller. He grabs the controller and heads back to the Amphi-Sub, ties the controller to it, and scrapes the bacteria into a tank. Chris turns the engine on, and the Kratt brothers are able to produce enough energy to escape the exploding sea floor. At the end, Martin hands Jimmy his controller, and Jimmy responds by saying "You guys did it!".[1]


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