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Slider is a character on PBS Kids show, Wild Kratts. He is native from North America, and first debuts in the third episode of the third season. His latest début is the sixth episode of the fourth season.


Season 3

Slider makes his debut in "Slider: The Otter", he is seen playing with a pine cone in the river of the Northern Woodlands until he gets sucked into the haul of a traveling ship. He gets out but finds himself in the Cypress Swamps of Florida where he gets found by Kratt Brothers. Thinking that he was apart of local pack in swamp Chris and Martin leave to find Slider's family. Along the way, the brothers teach Slider how to survive in the Swamp finding food and avoiding predators.

Amongst all that, Martin and Chris found a pack of river otters that they thought were Slider's family but weren't. Back at the Tortuga, the crew discovers that their otter friend wasn't from the Cypress Swamp but the Northern Woodlands. With the brothers using Ospery Powers they were able to get Slider back to real family.

Then, he made a second appearance in "Under Frozen Pond", as the Wild Kratts crew learn about how animals adapt to survival in the winter.

Season 4

Slider makes his final appearance in "A Creature Christmas" as one of the many baby animals that gets captured by the Wild Kratts enemies and turned into a Christmas ornament but thanks to the Wild Kratts crew he and rest of the baby animals were saved.


  • Slider is about 12 weeks old.
  • Everyone keeps calling Slider a cub when he actually should have been called a pup.