Plot Summery

The episode begins in a live-action segment. Following the ending of the episode Panda Power Up! The Kratt Brothers are sparing with each other in their Giant Panda Power Suits, when the Creature Alarm goes off and the crew goes to check it out. Receiving word that snowy owls are appearing down south from the Arctic in habitats they don't normally live. So the Wild Kratts decide to investigate by heading up north to see what's going on? Once there there are no snowy owls to be found, so while Chris and Koki stay to do some more investigating, Martin, Aviva and Jimmy head down south. Meanwhile Donita Donata is at her mansion craving for some new winter fashions, when she sees a snowy owl land her statue in front of her home she gets the idea of making Snowy Owl Winter Hats. Sometime later Martin and the others arrive where they meet up with Wild Kratts Kids Gavin, Ronan and Katie who were building a snowman when a snowy owl they named Frosty landed on it. So Martin decides to investigate more by joining the Snowy Owl Invasion by activating Snowy Owl Powers, but Aviva says they never made a Snowy Owl Power Disc, so she decides to make one by modifying the Elf and Burrowing Owl Power Discs. Back in the Arctic Chris and Koki finally find a snowy owl, but wonder why there are no others? When suddenly another snowy owl comes flying over, which aggravates the other one and he chases him off. Back down south, the others find out that snowy owls are catching all sorts of animals they don't typically hunt, Martin states that they mostly like to eat small rodents like lemmings. Which makes Chris and Koki realize they haven't seen any, Chris then points out that the lemming must be underground in the Subnivean Zone. So they go mini-sized and discover millions of lemming living under the snow, and conclude that snowy owls have flown down south because there's not enough food, so the older males push out the younger males out of their territory so they do't eat ally heir food. Just then Donita's new Pose-Beaming Manikins are stealing snowy owls, including Frosty. Fortunatley with the help of his new creature powers, Martin is able to defeat both Donita and her manikins. Following her defeat Donita and Dabio see new green grass and flowers growing before their eyes and discover that Spring is coming, they two leave and Donitat claims that they did not defeat her, she just didn't want them anymore. The episode concludes with the Wild Kratts and Wild Kratt Kids returning to the Arctic where the snow is melting and the lemmings are emerging from the Subnivean Zone as the the snowy owls return and are capturing lemmings to feed their mates and chicks, one of which Martin names Scoop after giving the kids ice cream for a job well done.

Characters Edit

Chris Kratt

Martin Kratt



Jimmy z

Donita Donata







  • Giant Panda
  • Snowy Owl
  • Polar Bear
  • Walrus
  • Snowshoe Hare
  • Canada Goose
  • American Alligator
  • Meadow Vole
  • Brown Lemming

Animal Names



Gold Nugget


Used Creature Powers

  • Giant Panda Power
  • Snowy Owl Power

Key Facts and Creature Moments


  • This episode is the debut of Donita's Pose-beaming Manikins.
  • Second time someone other than Martin name an animal.

Watch Episode

Wild Kratts Snowy Owl Invasion Full Episode26:26

Wild Kratts Snowy Owl Invasion Full Episode


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