“'Spirit Bear” is the 16th episode of the fourth season of Wild Kratts, originally airing on PBS Kids on April 29, 2016. Overall it is the 105th episode of the series.


The episode begins with a live action segment, in which the Kratt brothers are hanging out with a 13 year old black bear named Adrian. Afterwards, they ask their “What if?” question and the show transitions into the cartoon segment.

As a pod of orcas are moving through the water, the bros and Aviva are kayaking to the Alaskan island of "Bear Island", but Aviva is nervous, but Chris reminds her that she was the one who wanted to see what bears do when they're not hibernating. Pretty soon Chris sees a mother black bear and her cub along the shore, but Martin has his eyes closed because he thinks Chris is playing a trick. But just as he convinces him the bears are gone, one they reach shore they go looking for them only to get flattened by a rolling rock. They soon find the bears on top a ridge licking bugs from underneath it, which gives Martin to name the mom Paw Flip and her cub Belliful. Meanwhile in the bay a new villain named Paisley Paver, CEO of Pave Nature Inc. and her henchman Rex arrive with plans to pave over the entire island and build a mega storage facility there. Unaware of her arrival the bros and Aviva are spying on the bears with the Flycam and watch as they eat berries. Just then Aviva sees a white bear in the shade, but just before the bros have a chance to see it, it vanishes. Aviva tries to convince them and the bros inform her that there are no polar bears where they are, but soon find out she was right and that it was actually a rare spirit bear (aka Kermode Bear) Wondering why they're white the gang decides to conduct and experiment by using the Miniaturizer and the Fish Mobile. Just then they hear the sound of Paisley's machines cutting down trees so Martin goes to check it out while Chris and Aviva work on the experiment and also Black Bear Power. Meanwhile Martin sees Paisley's machines about to run over a spirit bear cub in the bushes and tells Paisley to halt and asks her what she's doing? He soon sees a spirit bear cub in the bushes and tells Paisley to halt. She informs him that she's making progress and that he and the cub are just getting in the way so she detains both of them and continues paving.

Back at the river Chris and Aviva conclude that spirit bears have developed white fur to aid them in catching fish during the day. Just then Martin informs Chris that Paisley Paver is flattening the island, fortunately Aviva has also finished the Black Bear Power Discs so Chris uses them to stop Paisley's plans by activating Bear Powers, with the help of Spirit and using brute strength to crush the pavers, while Aviva sneaks onto the platform and frees Martin and Spirit Jr.. Martin then activates Black Bear Power too and helps detain Paisley and Rex, while Chris and Spirit destroy the remaining pavers. Aviva then puts the main paver in reverse and she and Martin (Who's is holding Spirit Jr.) jump off as Paisley and Rex are sent rolling right back into their ship and sail away claiming that they'll just find more animal homes to pave. As they leave Martin states that that Paisley Paver is another villain they'll have to keep an eye on. At that moment the see that Spirit has a black cub too and Aviva asks how she can have one black cub and one white one? And Chris says its genetics like with him and Martin and how Martin has blue eyes and Chris has green. Just as they begin to smash the concrete on the island the episode ends and they return to live action.




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  • This episode marks the introduction of new villains, Paisley Paver and her henchman, Rex.

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Wild Kratts Spirit Bear

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