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''Stars of the Tides'' is the second episode of the fourth season of Wild Kratts to air, originally airing alongside ''The Last Largest Lobster'' on PBS Kids on July 29, 2015. Overall, it is the 100th episode of the series. The episode was written and directed by Chris Kratt.

Plot Summary

Aviva comes up with a creature power challenge for the Kratt brothers when she gets tired of their arguing over a Shell they find. As the challenge, they must use some new creature powers as its a race to survive one of the harshest habitats on earth, the Rocky intertidal.





Used Creature Powers

Key Facts and Creature Moments

Key Facts

  • Barnacles start off as larvae and attach themselves to rocks (or other objects) by using a special glue from its head that seals it to the objects surface.
  • Limpets use special rouge tongues to scrape algae of of rocks in the intertidal zone, they also use them to make impressions in rocks call "home scars" to protect them form the incoming tide's.
  • Starfish use their super strong arms to pry mussels open, so they can eat the animal inside.
  • A starfish's mouth is on the underside in the center.
  • A starfish can actually push his stomach outside his body and put it inside the mussel. He digests the mussel right inside its shell, then the stomach scoops it up and goes back into the starfish.
  • A dog whelk is a totally different snail than the limpet; they do not eat algae, they are predators. They eat clams, barnacles, and mussels.
  • Dog whelks have sharp drill-like tongues that they use to drill a hole in a mussel's shell, which has no protection from them. Then they inject digestive juices that turns the mussel into a soupy mix that they can just slurp up with their straw-like tongues.
  • The sticky threads that secure mussels to rocks are also used as a defense against dog whelks.
  • Starfish can shed an arm (which will eventually grow back) to escape being eaten by predators.

Creature Moments

  • A starfish eating a mussel.


  • When the Kratts activated Hermit Crab Powers in "The Hermit Crab Shell Exchange", they did not come with their own shells, but when Chris activated them in this episode, a shell instantly appeared on the suit's abdomen (until he lost it in the waves).

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Wild Kratts Stars of the Tides