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Template:Infobox creatureT-Rex is an African ground pangolin, whom the Wild Kratts meet in the episode Pangolin Rescue. While collecting scans of keratin they notice a pangolin walking by and Aviva has never seen anything like it before. Seeing how it walked on 2 legs with its claws out like a T-Rex Martin decided to name it T-Rex, suddenly 2 lioness' appear and T-Rex rolls himself into a ball to protect himself. Sometime later when the Wild Kratts head off to China to rescue some more pangolins, Chris is captured by Gourmand thinking he's a pangolin too and he sees that Gourmand has captured T-Rex and several other pangolins too. Luckily with the help of Martin T-Rex, Artichoke's mom and the other pangolins are set free as they roll into the ocean and swim away.

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