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Incident Data Log Entries Course* 2015-2016

Documenter Documenter ID People Involved in Incident Incident Date Incident Location Incident




Zach Varmitech 88647 Zach Varmitech,V.H


Mon Sep 14 2015 Commons


I said "what the fuck" for the first time those girls heard it. Log Entry Made
Zach Varmitech 88647 Zach Varmitech, M.F J.K.L Wed Oct 7 2015 C.L.S Swearing on computers.Got

pulled up for that.

Log Entry Made
Zach Varmitech 88647 Zach Varmitech, N.N.F C.L.S J.Q Wed Oct 28 2015 C.L.S Kid was cursing out loud and even at adults. He said "fuck" "ass" "dick" and more inappropriate Log Entry Made, admin reported
Zach Varmitech 88647 Zach Varmitech, C.L.S J.Q M.M and S.O.G Wed Nov 18 2015 Outside Door I was caught talking about my balls outside the door. Several people snitched on me. Log Entry Made
Zach Varmitech 88647 Zach Varmitech and T.D.V.L Fri Dec 11 2015 C.L.S I called out deez nuts as a answer to a question.

Everybody was laughing even the person who asked the question.

Had a good laugh and log entry made
Zach Varmitech 88647 Zach Varmitch J.Q and M.C.B Tue Dec 15 2015 Outside Door I said "Shut the front door" to my self which M.C.G assumed it was towards her. Then J.Q decided To go get involved saying stuff to make me feel like shit. She said that M.C.G was trying to sing me a song and that I am being rude. I needed a moment of Silience after that because I was made to feel guilty for a no good reason. Moment of Silience and Log entry made.
Zach Varmitech 88647 Zach Varmitech, J.Q and M.C.B Mon Jan 11 2016 C.L.S I had to sit next to M.C.B and do work. Log Entry Made
Zach Varmitech 88647 Zach Varmitech Wed Jan 13 2016 Commons


I fell on a rocky rough surface. Blood was coming out of my leg. Log Entry made, also medical proffesionals


first aid.

Zach Varmitech 88647 M.M.C and C.S Thu Jan 14 2016 C.L.S M.M.C was walking up to C.L.S and was talking about the size of his dick and balls. C.L.S said M.M needs help. Had a good laugh, and log entry made
Zach Varmitech 88647 M.C.B and Zach Varmitech Fri Jan 29 2016 C.L.S Walked up in front of door, made masturbation gestures and sex noises. Girls were surprised and pointing it out while laughing. Log entry made
Zach Varmitech 88647 N.N.F J.Q Tue Feb 9 2016 C.L.S N.N.F called girl a little bitch. It was funny. Had a good laugh and log entry made as well as a administrative


Zach Varmitech 88647 M..C.B V.D.K and A.L.S Fri Mar 4 2016 Lunch area Found admin report.

Update from May 5 2016- was serous at time but now not so serous in fact rather helpful and important.

Investigation held 3/4/2016

Prob. Was partial resolved Tue Mar 22 2016 then fully resolved Thu Mar 24 2016-

Fri Mar 25 2016.

Zach Varmitech 88647 M.C.B Zach Varmitech Fri Apr 15 2016 C.L.S I was able to get hot chicks and set the stage for a future plan. Log Entry Made, Had a good laugh
Zach Varmitech 88647 M.C.B, Zach Varmitech Thu May 5 2016 C.L.S Staring game initiated day 1 Log Entry Made
Zach Varmitech 88647 Names will not be said. Thu May 12 2016 Computer Plagiarism Investigation


Zach Varmitech 88647 K.L , Zach, K.H Thu May 19 2016 C.L.S K.L went up to me and spit on my pencil case. She then started hitting me several times in an attempt to instigate me To fight with her. Eventually K.H started making false accusations that I'm staring at her even though I was only looking at the window. She made those accusations 6-7 times that day. Then K.H started saying this to me "oh you like her don't you." I replied with no which she responded by saying "oh who do you like then oh I almost forgot you are gay". More unknown students started calling me a gay faggot. She even denied that she spit on my pencil case. Adults did not make it any better either as they started to take her side and not mine even though I never provoked her to do this. She then begun to instigate a fight with me again then made a mess on the floor which an adult forced me to clean up. Then another student slapped my book bag. Investigation Held and Log Entry Made.
Zach Varmitech 88647 Zach Varmitech Thu May 26 2016 C.L.S Got snitched on for talking about my penis. Person that was told threatened me with a admin report. Warning
Zach Varmitech 88647 Zach Varmitech, A.L.S and M.C.B #1 Wed Jun 1 2016 C.L.S Staring game doubled up by 2 people. No Action Nessecarry
Zach Varmitech 88647 Zach Varmitech. M.C.B#1 and G.V.D.S Fri Jun 3 2016 C.L.S Gesture of throat slitting made Threatning as well as 2 middle fingers thrown back and forth. Log Entry and


Zach Varmitech 88647 Zach Varmitech, M.C.B, Tue Jun 7 2016 C.L.S Resulotion of staring game. given several bonus points. Awesome job. No Action Needed
Zach Varmitech 88647 Zach Varmitech, M.C.B K.C A.L.S, A.N.D Thu Jun 9 2016 Gym Zach was stalking people in Gymassiu Log Entry Made
Zach Varmitech 88647 Zach, MCB, Thu Jun 9 2016 Movie Area While watching pictures in the floor, several people were making nasty inappropriate noises to make me react so I can be in trouble as well as have my R.S ruined. I had to say curse words. People were threatning to get me in trouble and never focused on the people bullying me with that noise. Log Entry Made, Resulotion

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