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Martin Chris Octopus Wildkratticus We just discovered The Story of Kate Corcovado.
Although The Story of Kate Corcovado may refer to the actual Wild Kratts series, it is entirely made by fans of Wild Kratts, and should be treated as so.
Martin Chris Mystery of the Weird Looking Walrus I'm not feeling so good.

Warning: mature content

This article contains varying amounts of graphic, coarse, and/or profane content not suitable for the target audience of Wild Kratts. However, if you are comfortable with said material, you are free to view the rest of the page. Otherwise, please move on to doing something else.

Kate Corcovado

Okay, as most of you know, there is an OC on here that is named Kate Corcovado that I created. What most of you DON'T know, is that the story that keeps popping up here, about Kate being found in a cave, is in fact the first draft of how Kate became a Wild Kratt. Not to upset any of you fans of her, but that's NOT how her story goes. Here is the real story. :)

Chris and Kate

The Story of Kate Corcovado (Drawn by WildKrattsSuperFan1 @ Deviantart)

The Story of Kate Corcovado

Okay, where do I start? Well, let's start at the beginning. 15 years earlier. Zach Varmitech was overjoyed to hear his emotional and lazy wife, McKenzie, was pregnant. He met McKenzie in a mosh pit, and they took off from there. Zach actually disappeared from the Wild Kratts' radar for quite some time, as if it mattered if the Wild Kratts cared or not. McKenzie was a lover of nature, and she was determined to get Zach into it too. For the first time ever, Zach actually had a SMILE on his face. And this smile wasn't of evil, it was because he realized that robotics and nature come together to form a branch of science called biotechnology (sort of). Then tragedy struck, and struck Zach hard. McKenzie hated the feeling of giving birth, and after doing so, she illegally "divorced" Zach so she can pair up with a man called Dabio. She later became known as Donita Donata. Angry, Zach named his daughter himself. Before the divorce, McKenzie wanted her daughter to be named McKenzie. Zach promised, but decided to break the promise after the divorce. However, it was McKenzie that got him to like biotechnology, and he wanted a name that allowed him to remember her for that. Being the genius that he "was", he gave his daughter the name Katherine because it looks like a slightly-rearranged McKenzie. As Katherine, or Kate for short, grew, her green eyes sparkled, her dark brown hair shimmered, and her attitude shown. She was basically equal to McKenzie. After McKenzie ditched, Zach placed a small butterfly doll in her daughter's hands. Kate still has that doll to this day. Although the doll was hand-crafted by Zach himself from his observations of butterflies, Zach turned away from studying the natural world, and later became a dumb-dumb because 99% of his successful inventions would be total trash if it weren't for mutha-nature. Instead, Zach stuck to live-animal robotics. Kate was used to it all, and figured everything was right with the world, until she was four.

Zach instinctively went on an animal collection trip, and took Kate with him. He figured no one is too young to take on the family business.

"Oh, hurry up! I'm boiling out here!" He shouted at his Zachbots, poking his head out of the newspaper he was reading. Kate turned around to see her father yelling at his Zachbots for their insignificant digging skills. Kate silently giggled, and went back to holding Anna, her butterfly doll. Suddenly, Kate heard a:

"Hold up, Martin!"

"Daddy? What's a Martin?" She asked.

"Who cares?! Just find a way to fix my Zachbots so that they, uh, um, you know..." He replied, smiling evilly. His newspaper covered his head again, when Kate tugged on his pants. Zach reluctantly agreed to give Kate a closer look. What a big mistake that was!

Kate, Zach, and two Zachbots peeked behind a bush, and then she saw them: two men, one with a circular face, and another with a rectangular face. She giggled a little after comparing her father's face with theirs. However, she was a little frightened, though. She had been told all her life to never, ever go near them!

"Okay, the Best Digger in the World's hole should be right around here, somewhere." The one in the green shirt said, looking around.

"Best digger?" Kate could tell a light bulb went off in her head. "That's the kind of animal you need working for you, daddy, not some conical, gray accordion!" she said. Then being the 'bolts in the brains' she was, she pushed the Zachbots, who bumped into her father. Both the Zachbots and Zach fell to the ground, right in plain sight in front of the Kratt brothers. Kate stayed well hidden; she didn't want those Wild Rats to see her, for fear of the worst.

"Zach? What are you doing here?" The guy in the blue shirt, who was still in the jeep asked. Then he gave a glare, along with the other man.

"Spying on us again?"

"No." Zach tried very hard not to stare at Kate. "I'm just, uh...I took a wrong turn in my jet. I was just leaving."

"Aquarium Hippie" gave him a glare. "Well, okay then." He suddenly started acting really jumpy. "Oh! Hey look! Got a head poppin there-I mean gotta head out." He nervously laughed, as the other man got back in the jeep and they both buckled up.

"Uh, yeah, have a good trip back." The green one said, as they drove off.

A little while later that day, Kate learned how to make a robotic digger with a "vacuum cleaner", at least she thinks that what she thought it looked like (her father called it a "slender pig". Then, out of the bushes, they came again! The two men from before! Kate had little time to hide, and hid behind her father's legs.

"Whoa, Zach! C'mon, let that aardvark go," the blonde-haired man demanded. The three began to quarrel, and Kate just wanted to punch them in the face real hard. Then suddenly, the man in the green shirt said something that opened Kate's eyes, to what her father was doing was wrong.

"She belongs in the wild. Animals depend on her. None of these animals would have a place to live in and raise their young, if it weren't for the aardvark," he said.

What was he saying? Why do they call it an aardvark? Although it kind of makes sense: "vacuum cleaners" do keep things tidy. An untidy house is a house she would never want to live in. She had to find out. Oddly enough, the green creep didn't even see Kate until the slowly and cautiously came out around her father's leg. She looked up at him with great curiosity. He looked down at her, more than a little surprised. A million questions were running through his mind. Who was she? Why was she with Zach? Kate was about to ask him something, when she heard her father say:

"OH! Home. Shmome. It works for me now." He pressed a button, and the two brothers fell into the hole. Kate became very concerned and ran to the hole to make sure they were alright, which they were, but a little dazed. She looked down at them, communicating silently through her eyes, "I'm so sorry! If only I knew. I'll make things right, I promise." With that, Kate took his father's master controller. She grabbed the "vacuum cleaner" and started vacuuming!

Soon, Kate had finally gotten the courage to confront her father, and tell him that what he was doing was wrong and that he needed to stop.

"You've got to stop dad!"

"Stop with what? Using the bathroom?!"

"But, the green person said that..." With the mere mention of that nickname, Zach grabbed Kate's pink dress by its collar lifting her off her feet.

"Who said what?!"

Kate realized she'd better tone it down.

" one." Those were the words that made Zach put Kate down. As soon as she was on the ground though:

"You can't keep it from me forever."

"Keep what?"

"I know the truth! And I know who I am."

"You're a Varmitech, and you're…well…I mean…you're supposed to have pale white skin, not regular skin and all, but it's a science of what you're learning."


"Excuse me?!"

"Using animals as slaves is NOT a science! It's mean! And I'm no Varmitech! I can't be a goth! I must be a Wild Rat!" With that, Kate covered her mouth. Did she just say what she thinks she said?

Zach really smiled. In fact, the smile was wider than his entire equilateral triangle! "You're...WHAT?!" Zach asked without changing his smile.

"I'M A WILD RAT!! I KNOW I AM FOR SURE!!" No sooner that Kate screamed that, everything went black.

Kate's head throbbed on the cold, hard, gloomy floor. Her face hurt, and her eye felt numb. She opened her eyes slowly, to find herself on the black floor of her gray, gloomy room, with the door locked. She turned on her side, and rose off the floor. She turned to her side mirror in her room and silently gasped. Her face was red and blue with bruises, as were her arms (or so she thought). Her left eye was black as well, that explained why it hurt so much. She was a little wobbly, but she was able to stand up. She couldn't believe it! How could Zach, HER FATHER, had done this to her?! She thought he loved her. She knew what she had to do. She took off the knob on her bed post, and hit her side window as hard as she could. It was just enough to make it shatter. As soon as all the sharp glass that was loose was removed, she jumped out the window (her room was on the second floor). But no sooner had she ran to the side, she had Zachbots starring right at her! Frightened, she ran as fast as her legs could carry her into the forest. She could hear Zachbots right behind her, but she refused to turn around. She zigged and she zagged for what seemed like hours. Just when she thought she couldn't take anymore, she ran into someone! They both went down with a thud. Kate rubbed her already sore forehead, and realized what happened after seeing the man she had run into. She was about to jump and run, worried she just ran into Zach, but then she saw his pointy hair and rich brown eyes. She couldn't believe she found him! (He was glowing!)

Jimmy Z, the curious "Wild Kratt", decided to sneak out after pretending to be asleep. He just knew he had to trick his crew members. After all, he had been described by them as a lazy, fat-on-the-inside, brainless pizza-monger videogame addicted Islamocommunofascist Irish boy. Just before he was about to step outside, he found his joystick controller and programmed it to control that hemisphere. Then, he took his controller so he can bring the thing along with him when he is done with his little walk, all the while making his crew think that the ghost of Zach's mother-in-law is taking it to heaven. Good thing he did!

"Ouch. Who...?" Jimmy looked at the girl as he got to his feet and he swore she looked familiar. Then he remembered...he was hungry! But then, Zachbot beeps broke his pizza, as Kate ran to him, and hugged his legs, crying out of fear.

"There...THERE RIGHT BEHIND ME!" She wailed in his shorts.

"Stop it! You're making it look like I'm wetting my shorts!" Before Jimmy could pry Kate's surprisingly enormous grasp on his shorts, he felt an all too familiar grasp of metal on his arm. Because Jimmy was a total weakling, the Zachbot picked him up like a balloon. It also had enough energy to attack and pick up Kate with its only remaining claw-arm. Even though both Kate and Jimmy were in their hands, the totally clueless Zachbots threw down Kate so they can take down Jimmy. What a big mistake that was, because Kate couldn't DARE let it get messy!

"LEAVE HIM ALONE!!" She screamed as she jumped on one and started hit its head as hard as she could. The Zachbot then turned and twisted its head violently. Kate couldn't hold on forever, and the Zachbot bucked her off, and bucked her hard! Next thing the Zachbot knew, its head was punctured by a pizza-fueled Jimmy. What the Wild Kratts never knew was that pizza fuels Jimmy in more than just calories and seven food groups (grain (crust), protein (pepperoni), dairy (cheese), vegetables (pepper), oils (oils), sweets (HFCS), and fruits (water)), it also gives him super powers. He used these epic powers to bash another Zachbot with a kick with his scrawny leg and another with his scrawny arm and another with his puny head. Surprised that a pizza-monger could puncture titanium, the remaining Zachbots retreated. No sooner than they were gone, Jimmy did a victory dance, but stopped shortly after seeing a small girl that seemed to be dead after what appears to be an entire year of decomposition He ran to the girl.

"What were you thinking when you were trying to kill me with those things?!" Jimmy asked in an abnormally angry tone as he shoved his face into hers while shaking her violently, trying to bring her back to life.

"Come on! It has only been, like…what…a year?!" He tried a "little" harder, and then, she began breathing. She was alive! He tried one more time.

"Answer me!" He touched her red, bruised cheek with his hand this time, and she responded! She winced a little then opened her eyes slowly to find Jimmy’s not-so-wide blue eyes staring right into hers.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Jimmy screamed like a tea kettle. Everything started to catch up with Kate, and it was all too much. Jimmy opened his eyes as if he could touch the muffled sobbing and irregular breathing from the small girl. He hugged her tighter.

"It's alright. Everything's okay now. Nothing's gonna happen," Jimmy said, trying to sound un-sarcastic. She eventually slowed down, and then she just rested her head on his shoulder. She was asleep.

Jimmy, as he promised himself, remotely controlled the Tortuga so that it will land in their current location.

Aviva, inside the Tortuga, woke up from the rumbling engines. "O MY WORD!"

"What is it, Aviva?" Martin asked, but he too noticed that the Tortuga was on the move.

"Who...How...What...?" Martin was speechless.

Back on the ground, Jimmy was laughing his guts out. He twisted his controller's joystick back and forth, so that the contents and people in the Tortuga rocked back and forth as well. To make life even more joyous, Jimmy pressed a button on his controller, and the Tortuga turned upside down. Luckily for him, he prepared for earthquake mode – supports that held his workstation in place. The zealous Kratt brothers were once very unhappy that the Tortuga crew decided to "protect" themselves. To make them more adventurous like themselves, they used their dictatorial powers to convince the rest of the crew to unfasten their workstations. Jimmy, the disobedient one, only soundly slept as Aviva and Koki worked as slaves. The Kratt brothers tried activating their Creature Powers to get Jimmy to twitch a muscle, but not even a billion decibels can wake a Jimmy on a mission. They could've tried throwing his controller out the window, but they broke his controller a while before the incident, and it had to be repaired by none other than Jimmy's grandma.

After reaping dozens of trees, the Tortuga finally touched down. Jimmy opened the doors with the press of a button on his controller, and dragged Kate all the way into the main room.

"She ran into me in the forest while I was having my wonderful walk in the night.." Jimmy said, hardly concerned, but more than anything, hungry.

"Why does her face look so beat up?" Aviva asked with great concern.

"Hemophilia," Jimmy replied.

Everyone could tell Jimmy was lying. That girl should be dead right now!

"Here, Jimmy! Set her down over here." Aviva said, standing next to a small pink hammock she set up. Kate had a death grip on Jimmy's shirt, and since she was deep in sleep, Jimmy would hate to wake her, as he was worried that Aviva might give her a "good-night kiss". He surprisingly laid her down as gently as he could, and slowly pried her fragile hand off his green jacket which he stole from his green partner because he would not do his laundry since he was a creature adventurer, not a house maid like he is. Once she was in the hammock, he snatched the blanket Aviva planned to put over her herself, and put it over her himself, and Kate turned over in a deep, safe sleep.

While she slept, the Wild Kratts tried their best to figure out things like...Who she was? Where did she come from? Is she dead? But when they heard that, everyone left Jimmy in the main room with Kate.

Kate awoke the next day. At first, she had no idea where she was. All she knew was that she wasn't in her room anymore. This place was white and had all kinds of plant life around. She turned a little further to the right, and found Jimmy sleeping in his chair. Since she was an immature human being, she couldn't make out what he was doing. Jimmy must've noticed her head moving, because his train of sleep was broken to seeing Kate's curious eyes beam right into his.

"Who are you?" He sleepily said.

Kate nodded and smiled back.

"Is this torture?" he asked.

"I...I guess so." Kate replied, trying to touch her black eye. "Ow."

Suddenly, a man in a blue shirt walked in.

"There you are, Jimmy. Please don't tell me you were in here all night."

"Well duh!"

Martin slapped his forehead, and gave a pity groan, seeing that Jimmy was neither tired, nor unable to crack a joke as stomach-choking as his best pun. Afterwards, Jimmy went into the room containing Aviva, and teasing sounds could be heard.

"H...hi." Kate tried to introduce herself, but she still wasn't so sure.

"Well, hey there." Martin replied as he waved hello. He started to walk to the small child in the hammock, but then he realized as he got closer, she started to tense, like she was almost...afraid of him.

Martin gave a small laugh.

"Don't worry, I'm not gonna bite." He reassured with a comforting smile.

Kate calmed down a little, as Martin came closer. He knelt down to the small hammocks level.

"So..." He started, "What's your name?"

"My name's...Katherine, calls me Kate." She said, looking away as if it were a bad thing.

"Don't need to look so down, I like that name." Martin replied.

"Really? I thought it was kind of ordinary."

"No, not at all. When you think about it, every name is different, because it describes a different person, every time." Martin said. This made Kate's eyes sparkle with her smile as she looked up at him, even if one looked a little darker than the other at the moment. And that reminded Martin.

"Um, Katherine..." he placed his gentle hand on her strong, but sore shoulder. How did her phrase this? Just the right wording should do it.


"Um, what you?" Martin asked, scanning over all her small bruises that would go away eventually.

Kate looked at the floor. She tried not to cry, but Martin still saw a tear fall from her face onto the floor. Once Jimmy stopped taunting Aviva, he entered the main room, and was right next to Martin, when they heard her mutter, "I...I can't believe he did that."

"Who did what?" Martin asked.

Jimmy looked away. Martin could tell Jimmy had absolutely no idea what is going on, and sure enough,

"It was Corcovado, wasn't it?" He asked.

"What?" Kate asked, still looking down.

Jimmy smacked his face a couple of times. He forgot to introduce Corcovado! "Corcovado…is a very short, fat, lazy, oxygen-wasting, terrible inventor that needs to be taunted. Not long ago, I was locked inside this jailhouse because I made a terrible remark. Due to this, Corcovado's internal parts worked against her, turning her into a viscous monster that likes that likes to beat up little girls like you," Jimmy clarified his own way, a little edge starting to cut at his voice.

A small pause followed, and then more tears started to fall from Kate's face.

"IT WAS HIM! ALRIGHT?!" She screamed. She didn't understand. WHY?! Zach was her father, why would he ever want to hurt her?!

"I...I DON'T WHY HE DID IT!" Kate raised her head to meet the Martin and Jimmy's eyes. Only Martin watched in pity as Kate continued to cry, tears of pain, confusion, and fear streaming down her face.

"I TOLD HIM I WAS A WILD RAT AND THEN EVERYTHING WENT BLACK ON ME! WHY?! WHY?!!" Kate was now hyperventilating, now clenching her head fiercely as her screaming left her head throbbing. Jimmy felt like he wanted to kill himself for saying what he previously said. He didn't know why, but, preventing him from further thinking about that thought, he realized that there was something about Kate that was...different, from other kids. Jimmy picked the shrieking toddler out of the hammock, and held her close, trying to calm her down. She buried her face in his shirt like she did the night before and muffled her sobs. Right then and there after seeing that he was still wearing his green partner's jacket, Jimmy made a promise to himself: he would make sure that no one, ESPECIALLY CORCOVADO, would hurt her again. He would always protect her, no matter what.

Kate even eventually began to slow down, and her wailing sobs soon became silent tears. Once she was quiet, Jimmy said:

"Don't you worry, okay? I'll never let anything happen to you. I promise." Kate had never heard anyone make a promise to her before.

"You...promise?" Kate asked, looking up at Jimmy and wiping her teary eye.

"I promise," Jimmy repeated while trying to look like he cared.

Kate looked down for a minute, and then put on a best of a mischievous smile as she could. "Hmmm...Pinkie Promise," she demanded, which wasn't much of a demand at all.

Jimmy gave off a small groan. "Alright, I pinkie promise," Jimmy replied, extending his index finger. Kate giggled a little at this.

"Hey, what's all the ruckus going on in here?" Aviva asked, walking back into the main room. Seeing Kate, she knew what must've happened.

"Go away, beast!" Jimmy hissed.

Suddenly, a faint, but just loud enough sound of Zachbots rang in Kate's ears, and she tensed, sending a death grip to Jimmy's sleeves on his stolen jacket.

"What's wrong?" Jimmy asked, noticing her eyes were wide with fear. He moved a little farther away from Aviva. But after getting closing his eyes, Jimmy heard the sound too.

"He...he's coming back for me! I'm really in for it now!" Kate stuttered, but Jimmy knew what time it was.

"Here, Martin, take my baby for a minute," Jimmy said. After gently laying Kate down, he looked back a few times so if Aviva were to lay a finger on her, he would eat a pizza and run with all his life to push Aviva out the door. Kate was starting to breath a little faster now, and hugged onto Martin’s neck as they both waited for him to return from outside to meet the noise. Kate, Martin, and Aviva (still at a reasonable distance) watched the door, looking for any signs of it reopening. Meanwhile outside, Jimmy was quarreling with Zach, and it looked like he was winning.

"Zach, you know, if the color of your shirt were to switch with the color of your skin, then you will remind me of the Rat brothers," he said, smiling.

"What?! You…you…you call them Rat brothers like me?"

"Yep," Jimmy continued to smile "But just so you understand me, they have been out in the sun way too long. You're kind of cool, since your skin is so pale." But right then, his tone darkened. He cornered Zach before he could escape.

"However, I have been tortured by those brothers and their team! As a payment, I need your daughter. And remember, do NOT brush your teeth, do NOT be clean, and teach children how to destroy Wild Rats, not be such a decomposing Dorito!" Jimmy stated, looking as threatening as he ever was in the entire history of the world to Zach, who was on the ground. He turned around slowly, and returned to the Tortuga, while Zach laid there on the ground, defeated. As the Zachbots picked his lazy body off the ground, something snapped in Zach's head. Kate was one of 'them'! She was enemy! He lost McKenzie, and now he lost her because of a total weakling. He wouldn't just drop it. He wanted Kate back. He wanted the daughter that was interested in everything he did. If he couldn't have her back, he...wanted revenge. He'll never stop! Not until Kate becomes a Varmitech again, or until his thirst on Kate's suffering is satisfied.

Jimmy walked back into the Tortuga, to Kate's relief.

"Was..." Kate asked, pointing to the door.

"Yeah, but don't worry, he won't hurt you anytime soon." Jimmy reassured with a smile. Kate smiled back, and she started exploring the Tortuga base. There was one thing that stood out in the shop above the rest.

"Hey, Jimmy?" Kate asked.

"How do you know my name?!" He replied, walking to her side.

"What's that vest thing in the case?" She asked, pointing to a blue vest with a paw print on it.

Jimmy stared at her for a few seconds, smiled, and answered, "That's the article of clothing the Rat brothers use to transform into silly costumes so they do not have to shop for one before a costume party."


"Well, you put an electronic dinner plate containing the blood of a certain creature, like, a Corcovado, for example, then you touch the real Corcovado, and you can get that Corcovado's power to be a total doofus by pushing the paw print in the middle." Jimmy explained.

Kate, even though a little confused, tried to sort this out. "You're funny." She said innocently as she smiled at Jimmy's epic jokes.

"Would you one day like to destroy one?" Jimmy asked.

"Yes! But..." Kate looked sadly at the ground.

Jimmy was shocked. Who wouldn't want to destroy a Creature Power Suit, especially since it's an invention his favorite scapegoat built? He placed his hand on the top of her head and asked, "Why not?"

"I'm sure only you Wild Rats can do stuff with it. I'm no Wild Rat." Kate said returning her gaze to the floor.

Jimmy thought for a moment, then smiled and said, "You need to be Wild Rat to use it, but you do not need to be one to destroy it, of course!"


"Do you want to destroy a Creature Power Suit?"

" mean you...want me part of the team?!"

"That's not what I was thinking, but sure! I could sure use a partner to taunt Corcovado, and I would love to show you even more," Jimmy put in.

Kate looked at Jimmy, and then at the team. There was something about this team, that, they just weren't a team, they were a family. Finally, for the first time in Kate's life...she was home. She grinned from ear to ear, and ran into Jimmy's arms, her way of saying 'YES!'

"Welcome to the Wild Kratts team, Kate Corco-"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO," Jimmy covered her mouth. "Kate, come closer." Kate did so, and he said, "Corcovado has a ridiculously long full name. Would you like it if you were related to Corcovado Avocado No Comprendo Descubrimiento Niños Chicos Hermanos Los Corcovados?"

"Um, no? What should my last name be?"


"Jimmy, you sure you..." Jimmy returned to cupping Aviva's mouth after he forgot he was doing so.

"Corcovado, ever since I was abducted by you, the brothers, and the African American, I have always been drowning in muddy water. Corcovado Jokes are the only things that have been keeping me afloat," Jimmy said, looking into Kate's green eyes that were sparking the brightest yet. She was overjoyed. Her father IS a mother AND a father!

Jimmy threw Aviva on the ground. He hugged Kate tightly and whispered in the little girl's ear, "Welcome home."


Well, hope you enjoyed. This is the OFFICIAL story of what happened to Kate. :)'

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