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"" This is Kratt-oween "" or "" A Krattly Hallows"" is an hour long Halloween special scheduled to premiere on PBS Kids on October 13, 2017.

Plot Summary

Wild Kratts Crew celebrates on October 31 (Halloween Night)

Martin, Chris, and Aviva prepare Halloween decoration with Jimmy and Koki (it will be scary).

Koki designed the costumes. Martin will be a clown and Chris the director of the circus, Aviva it Director of the circus that animates with Chris, Koki a witch and Jimmy a scarecrow of the pumpkin patch (pumpkin patch). Those kids are disguised, with accessories, made-up and bags for the trick or treat. Jimmy is making a batch of cookies of monsters and a cake for Halloween.

Koki invites to them Wild Kratts kids of all the world and Kait Corcovado (the sister of Aviva), Eduardo (the cousin of Aviva) to make a time of trick or treat to.

All the kids got lots of candy after trick or treating.

After having a good with kids with the trick or treat, Chris and Martin were about to eat sweets that kids got, but heard a distress call from Nina Zach Varmitech and Zelda is kidnaps animals of Europe, Donita Donata kidnaps animals of Australia, Gourmand kidnaps animals of Asia, Paisley Paver kidnaps animals from Africa, Poaches and Loggers kidnapped animals of North America Marcus Marionette, Philip Gunner and Cheng Dajin kidnap animals of South America and Antarctica and locked them up for use as a gloomy animatronic accessories to scare Martin, Chris, Aviva, Koki and Jimmy.

The crew saves to the animals but not what Ilario. When the Kratt Bros. He arrived in the city, who were caught by the villains. And what is worse that they stole his things (the creature powers, creature pods, miniaturizador etc). The villains leave them in a cemetery, where the demons are devouring them.

Meanwhile, Koki showed Aviva, the costumes. Koki reports to it that it will spend from fear. All the world is filled with joy and said that it will be the best night of Halloween have ever made.

Suddenly, Koki and turtle appeared, and said to the Kratt Brothers that we will go later to the Halloween party. First they put the villains in the Arctic ice block, when they left. Zach complains, like sharks waiting to devour them.

At the Zoo, Martin and Chris are dressed up again. Koki organizes the shops in the Bazaar. Then children wild Kratts, Sani is the girl from the lights, is Ronan Hat monster gold coins, Gavin is that light up the fire, and Kait Corcovado (the sister of Aviva) and all the children of the world are the henchmen of the feast (that are helping Jimmy with the terrifying posts).



Giant Panda

Black Bear

Yellow-Thoared Marten





Eurasian Badger

Ring Tailed Lemur

Gray Wolf

Three Toed Sloth

Two Toed Sloth



Nile Crocodile

Tasmanian Devil


Spooted Hyena

Spooted Skunk

Grizzly Bear

Black-Footed Ferret









Spiny Tenrec


Spider Monkey

Black Jaguar

River Otter

Giant Otter

Kermode Bear

Sea Otter

Ring Tailed Mongoose


Ruffed Lemur


Bengal Tiger

Mugger Crocodile



Clouded Leopard


Okapi Animal

Red Fox


Cozumel Island Coatimundi

Common Coatimundi

Spectacled Bear


Red Panda

Maned Wolf



Pine Martin


Animal Names

Used Creature Powers

Key Facts and Creature Moments

  • A Clouded Leopard chasing a Red Panda.
  • Two Ring Tailed Lemurs fighting with Tails.


  • A baby red fox was seen among the captured animals.
  • This is the thist episode special that is narrated (by Jimmy), the first is A Creature Christmas which is narrated by Aviva and narrated is Koki in A Macaw Wedding.
  • Villains´ animatronic is based on Jack or Latern and Jack Skellington from "Nightmare Before Christmas""
  • Koki did the same “blaugh” from Tenrec Treasure Hunt.
  • The new outfit that Aviva wore, was same as the Fake Chris’s outfit.
  • There are recycle animations from “A Creature Christmas” and ""A Macaw Wedding"".
  • After of this new halloween special episode.
  • The Costumes is inspired on 2008´s Disney Halloween Costumes: The Kratt Brothers are Chip and Dale, Aviva is Minnie, Koki is Daisy and Jimmy is Donald or Goofy.
  • Jimmy has pick the Wild Kratts kids and junior animals all over world.
  • The Friday 13 is The Day of Blood
  • This episode is international Halloween Special for a Great Idea of PBS Kids in KRATTOBER.

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