The Time Trampoline is an invension designed by Aviva. It was built in secret by Aviva and first debuted in season three special Back in Creature Time Day of the Dodo and Back in Creature Time Tasmanian Tiger. After the latter episode, the trampoline was destroyed because the wormhole used to go back in time was open for too long.

The machine appears to be powered by the Tortuga's power system.


In order to reach the past, someone has to jump on the trampoline high enough to establish a time connection. They then jump into the time gate, and, once the desired time has been reached, they throw the mobile trampoline and bounce off it into the time chosen. To return, they have to jump on the mobile trampoline until they get high enough to establish a time connection, jump into it, return the mobile trampoline, and repeat the original process backwards.

Era's Reached

  • Early 1600's
  • 1880's


  • In Raptor Round Up, Aviva hinted that she just started working on her time machine, and that they couldn't reach the era of dinosaurs yet.