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Tortuga in the back. This was the original design before the Tortuga was [supposedly] upgraded in Season 2.

The Tortuga HQ is the home base of the Wild Kratts crew and their main source of transportation. It's generally used for travel, but also provides shelter for animals and holds a large amount various devices and items.

It's name comes from the Spanish - and Catalan - word for turtle, as it was modeled and designed after said creature.


  • Hover
  • Flight
  • Buoyancy in water
  • Visual Communication to Creature Pods
  • Teleportation
  • Computer
  • Swimming
  • Ice sled feet
  • Camouflage
  • Lockdown
  • Sonic Disintegrator
  • Walking
  • Electrical Disruptor



As stated above, the Tortuga's design is based on the turtle. It is very big and a teal-aqua color; in camouflage mode it can be brown, red, yellow, green, among the colors and patterns of various species of turtles. (It can also turn invisible) along with ice mode with sled feet when traveling in snow. To get inside and outside, it has lowering steps, and its mouth can open to a ramp. There is also a window/sun roof at the top that opens and closes. Like real turtles, it has a very detailed shell. In swim mode, its legs turn into flippers and the shell becomes a little flatter/shorter.


Koki Reading about the Arctic pearl Crime Scene

As a major contrast to the outside, the Tortuga's interior is majorly colored white and other calming shades of colors like blue and gray. (blue and purple in Polar Bears Don't Dance only) The Tortuga also has a storage room for Aviva's other inventions. As the Wild Kratts crew travels and lives in the Tortuga, it most likely has normal rooms inside of it, such as bedrooms, kitchen, and bathroom.


  • The Tortuga is usually referred to as "the turtle ship".
  • In the episode Rattlesnake Crystal, the Tortuga was revealed to be powered by tellurium, a rare type of crystal.
  • Up until Tortuga Tune Up, the Tortuga could only float and/or hover on water, as it wasn't designed to swim and/or dive underwater. However, the Tortuga was seen underwater in the episode "Stuck on Sharks", long before Tortuga Tune Up.
  • The Tortuga is also capable of going up into space; as revealed in the holiday special A Creature Christmas.
  • In Box Turtled In!, the Tortuga was revealed to have a walking mode. This is the first time it was used, however, as Aviva claimed that they never had to use it before.
  • The Tortuga has weaponry to defend itself against the Zachbots, which include an electrical disrutpor & sonic disintegrator.


Wild Kratts Passengers and people onboard

Main Members


  • Zach (uninvited guest passenger and invader)
  • Donita Donata (uninvited guest passenger and invader)
  • Dabio (uninvited guest passenger and invader)
  • Gourmand (uninvited guest passenger and invader)
  • Gavin and Ronan
  • Nubs
  • Unnamed lion cub (part of the Orphan Baby Animal Nursery aboard the Tortuga)
  • Lion cubs: Lil' Cubby, El Cutisimo, Screen Saver, Martin, Chris, and Cat Burglar (animal passenger aboard for protection against the Lion twins)

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