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♪♪ Wild Kratts ♪♪
The episode begins with a live action segment, which shows the Kratt brothers going whale watching and see fin whales coming up for a breath.
Martin Kratt (cast) Hey, we're the Kratt brothers! I'm Martin.
Chris Kratt (cast) And I'm Chris.
Martin And we're going out on the biggest habitat on Earth.
Chris The ocean. Looking for the largest creatures in the world.
Martin The whales!
Chris Early morning, seas are calm.
Martin Perfect time for looking for whales!
Chris Whoa! We're going right into the fog!
Martin It's a thick mist. How are we ever gonna find a whale in this?
Chris Because of the mist, we can't see the whale. So we're gonna stop right here and listen for the sound of their spouting.
(water hissing)
Martin Yeah!
Chris Did you hear that?
Martin There's whales all around us in the mist!
Chris I think I saw something down there.
Chris and Martin Whoa!
Chris Fin whales! The second largest whale in the world.
Martin A fin whale can live to be over 100 years old. Tiny little fin, but a big animal-- They're fast. Come up, breathe, and then dive again.
Chris Some whales can hold their breath for over an hour. But when they're travelling like this, they stay under for only five minutes.
Martin Look at all the swirls. They've gone down.
Chris All right, let's keep movin'!
Martin Even though whales are the biggest animals on Earth, they can be the hardest to hang out with.
Chris They live in the water, often freezing cold water. They swim fast and dive deep.
Martin Some whales, like the sperm whale, dive so deep, they're impossible to follow down there, where they hunt giant squid.
Chris Imagine if we had whale powers and could join whales wherever they go.
Martin And do whatever they do.
Chris and Martin What if?
The show transitions into the cartoon segment.
(theme song)
Chris Kratt (character) Navigation systems online.
Martin Kratt (character) Viewing port activated.
Chris Alright, let's take this new amphisub for a test drive.
Martin Whoo hoo! Yeah!
Chris Yee-haw!
Martin Whoo hoo!
Chris Yee-haw! This is an awesome sub.
Martin It's so maneuverable. And what a view! You can see everything going on all around us. And, who knows what's happening down there in the depths.
Chris There's the question: Can this sub go deep enough to find out?
Martin Whoa, incoming!
Chris Arrow squid, and they're feeding on... little amphipods, tiny microscopic animals floating in the water.
Martin Whoa. These squid are squishy. And slimy! Oh, and their suction cups kind of tickle! (laughing) Hey, Aviva, I love this exploration valve feature.
Chris Oh yeah, this amphisub rocks the deep sea.
Aviva Corcovado Fantastico. Got one more thing for the sub before you deep dive. Just hang out there until I can finish up this robot arm. Phew! Where's my mango juice? Oh, in the fridge. Might as well test the robot arm.
Jimmy Z Hmph!
Aviva Ahh. Guys, this robot arm is gonna be a great add-on to the sub. Perfect for deep sea discovery.
Martin I like these exploration valves better. I can pet wild squid-pets. This is Squiddo. Squidtacular. Squidcicle.
Chris Martin, are you squidding me?
Martin Ha ha, squidding me! Good one, Chris.
Chris There's no way you could come up with names for 1,000 squids.
Martin We'll see. This little guy is-- Ah! He nipped me. Your fangs! Whoa, check that, make it beaks. A squid has a beak, like a parrot. Whoa.
Chris Aviva, are you sure this sub has what it takes to take on the mystery of the deep sea? I mean, really deep sea?
Aviva Well, that's what I'm designing it for.
Chris Small squid attacks are one thing, but what about bigger ones? Or the water pressure?
Aviva I know, the deep sea is harder to explore than outer space. I'm working on it.
Chris We need a sub that can go as deep as a sperm whale and keep up with it. Nobody has ever followed a sperm whale into the deep before.
Aviva I love the challenge. But it might not be something I can crack in a day. Not unless I have some big inspiration.
Martin (Rumbling outside) Uh, how about this? Sperm whale at 6:00! Whoa! Now that's a huge whale.
Chris Uh, no. That's a huge whale.
Chris and Martin (screaming)
Martin Mother sperm whale.
Chris And her calf.
Martin Whoa.
Chris Heh, is that big enough inspiration for you, Aviva?
Aviva Might be. It might be! Whale powers. Let's see, a sperm whale can dive deeper than any other whale. She has flexible ribs that can fold up under intense pressure. And she has a thick layer of fat to keep her warm in the cold, deep waters! I can learn a lot from these whales.
Martin This is gonna be the best Creature Power suit yet.
Chris Whoa, what was that!?
Martin It's coming from the big mama sperm whale's head! Okay, it's true. Sperm whales are the loudest animal in the world.
Chris They're echolocating on us.
Martin Yeah, that booming sound. Comes out of her big, bumpy head.
Chris Bounces off us. The soundwaves travel back to her lower jaw, which takes the sound up to her ear.
Martin Then to her brain!
Chris That's what you call sonar. And the sperm whale gets a sound picture of us. Or her lunch. Whoa, she gulped down hundreds in one mouthful. That's like a bathtub full of squid in one bite. And she can eat eight bathtubs full of slimy squid a day.
Aviva Aww, look how closely the calf follows his mom.
Martin He's cute!
Chris I'd say he looks about a year old.
Martin I'd say he looks like a little rascal. Oh, I'm gonna have to come up with a funny, playful little name for this guy.
Chris Can't be too little of a name. He's already as big as a mini van. Following a mom who's as big as a school bus. They're heading towards you, Tortuga.
Koki Wow! The sperm whale is the largest toothed predator that ever lived on planet Earth.
Jimmy Thar she blows! (chuckling) Do sperm whales rule the sea, or what?
Koki Almost, but not quite. They can get ganged up on by pods of hunting killer whales, drifting fishing nets called "ghost nets" tangle them up. And then there are the stories of epic battles with giant squid. But no one's ever seen it, because they meet in the deep.
Chris What's going on up there?
Aviva The whales are each taking a big breath in through their blowhole.
Koki A whale breath is the same amount of air that fills a car!
Chris They must be getting ready for a deep dive.
Martin Yeah, going deeper, looking for bigger squid.
Chris Oh!
Martin (laughing)
Chris Hey, we're not a beach ball!
Martin Or a bumper boat. Bumper, that's it! You're Bumper. The newest member of the Wild Kratts team.
Chris Here we go. Nobody's ever followed hunting sperm whales into the depths.
Martin We're with you, Bumper.
Chris Okay, Aviva. How deep can this sub go?
Aviva Deeper than any mobile sub ever created by humans. I hope.
Chris Losing all the sun's light at 600 feet, leaving the ocean sunlit zone.
Martin Entering Twilight Zone.
Chris Sub lights on. Oh-ho, we're going deeper.
Martin Uh, Chris, do you ever get the feeling we're being watched?
Chris Sure, the Wild Kratts crew is always keeping an eye on us.
Martin An eye the size of a basketball!?
Chris There's only one creature on the planet with an eye this big.
Martin A giant squid!
Chris Huh, now that's a whale of a squid!
Martin Behind you, Bumper!
Chris Oh no, squid attack!
Martin She heard Bumper's distress call! Bumper's mom to the rescue! Whoa! That's gotta be the world's most powerful head butt!
Chris Because the sperm whale has a giant head. Only the blue whale's is bigger.
Martin This is it, what we've dreamed of seeing, what happens every day where people can't go. The creature battle no one has seen before.
Chris I'm on it.
Martin Keep with them, Chris. I'm on it! No, we're in it!
Chris Whoa!
Martin Ugh, Chris! I just discovered something! Giant squid suction cups have serrated cutting teeth! Ahh! (whimpering) That's enough squid slime for one day. Ugh.
Chris Battle between sperm whale and giant squid. We can't miss this!
Martin How deep can this sub go?
Koki Not any deeper. Sensors indicate you're nearing collapse depth.
Martin Collapse depth?
Koki If you go much deeper, the sub will be crushed like a tin can.
Jimmy Gulp. Uh oh.
Martin Uh, Chris, we might have to head back.
Chris We can't miss this battle!
Martin Yeah, but we don't wanna get crushed, either.
Chris The sub controls are acting funny. I have no controls! Must have been lost in battle! We're sinking!
Koki Fifty feet until collapse depth. Forty-nine, forty-eight--
Jimmy Why will the sub collapse if they go deeper?
Koki It's the pressure.
Jimmy What pressure!?
Koki The water pressure. The deeper the sub goes, the more water is on top, the heavier that water gets, pushing in on the sub. That's pressure. If there's too much water weight pushing down on the sub, or pressure, the sub will be crushed!
Aviva Gotta pull them out of there!
Aviva presses the button.
Chris Okay, I get it, I get it! I see why it's harder to explore the deep sea than outer space!
Martin I wish we'd gone to the moon.
Chris The worst part is, we saw the start of the battle between the sperm whale and the giant squid-- And we'll never know how it ends.
Aviva Almost there!
Koki Ten feet to collapse depth. Nine, eight, seven--
Aviva Gotcha! And going up.
Chris Aviva, we've got to get back down there.
Aviva What!? I just pulled you up!
Chris But a never-before-seen wildlife battle is going on down there.
Martin And if the mother whale loses, so does our buddy, Bumper.
Aviva But my sub couldn't handle the pressure. How are you gonna get down there?
Chris and Martin Creature Power suits!
Martin Oh yeah!
Chris Bring on the Creature Powers.
Aviva Okay, I've pre-programmed the discs for sperm whale and giant squid, but I haven't run any trials. It's too soon. And I obviously haven't figured out how to deal with the pressure!
Chris We'll have to rely on the code fou in the whale and squid DNA.
Jimmy What do they always mean, DNA?
Aviva DNA is the biological code that gives every animal their special features. Every type of animal has their own DNA code hidden in every cell of their body.
Koki But how are you gonna access the DNA code when you can't even touch the animals?
Martin Uh, hello? I'm touching a giant squid right now! I was slimed by the giant squid, remember? I'm covered with squid slime!
Chris Ah, and I've got a whale tooth!
Chris and Martin Activate Creature Power suits!
Martin Ahh! Gotta get to the water! I'm just a blob of jelly with eight arms.
Jimmy Wait a second, did you say arms? Don't you mean tentacles?
Martin Hey, I've got those, too.
Aviva Squids have both arms and tentacles. The eight shorter ones are arms. You can tell, because they have suckers all the way down.
Koki Oh! So the two longer ones are the tentacles. They only have suckers on the ends.
Jimmy Whoa, that's awesome!
Martin Uh, need water to move.
Aviva Oops, sorry, guys.
Chris and Martin Oh yeah!
Martin These are the best Creature Power suits!
Chris and Martin Ever!
Chris Let's dive.
Martin Giant squid, ruler of the deep!
Chris Oh, I could eat you right now, I've got teeth. I'm a toothed whale.
Martin Heads up, big head. Tentacle under, over. Whoo-hoo!
Chris (chuckling) Martin, we've gotta follow the real sperm whale and giant squid before it's too late! Let's go!
Koki How deep can they go in those suits?
Aviva I admit it, I'm out of my depth when it comes to dealing with the pressure of the deep. I just hope the secrets of the whale and the squid are in the Creature Power suits.
Koki I'll be keeping one giant squid eye on the pressure gauges.
Chris We're passing the depth where the sub crumpled. Feeling a little squeeze, but good. How 'bout you, bro?
Martin Comfy, like snoozing in a bed of jelly. How's that comfy? It's a squid thing. Hey! Oh, the squid.
Chris And the whale. They're still at it! If the whale gets enough of the squid in her mouth, holy calamari, lunch over.
Martin Not so fast. This mollusk monster is getting a grip. Arms latched on. And remember, those suction cups have cutting edges. Ouch! That's where she got those sucker scars.
Chris But with every shake, the squid gets sucked deeper into the whale's mouth.
Martin The squid knows better. He's thinking, "Not gonna let that happen." Ink blast!
Chris Oh, whoa, didn't see that coming. Yuck. Listen, that's Bumper. He sounds scared.
Chris and Martin A ghost net!
Chris Bumper's mom!
Martin The net's dragging her down! Even sperm whales can't go deeper than 4,000 feet.
Chris Okay, she can hold her breath for 100 minutes, max. We have to save Mom. To the creature rescue!
Koki I'm gonna monitor your depth and pressure. Right now, you're at 1,500 feet. The sea water above you is putting 682 pounds of pressure per square inch.
Chris That's as heavy as wearing a school bus as a hat!
Koki You're right. That is a lot of weight.
Aviva And a lot of pressure.
Jimmy How are you feeling?
Martin Actually, okay. So the Creature Power suits must be working their biological magic.
Chris There she is.
Martin Wait, but where's Bumper?
Chris He was just with us. I'll use my sonar to look for him.
Chris Must be that he can't dive any deeper than that.
Martin Yeah, he's just a kid. He can't dive as deep as the adults. So he's gotta hang out and wait when his mom dives super deep.
Chris I'll keep an eye on him with my sonar, just like a whale would.
Martin Speaking of mother sperm whale, she's still sinking. Let's go.
Chris Alright, Bumper's safe. Whoa! Oh, there she is! Three-thousand feet and still hanging in.
Martin Oh, it's a good thing the sperm whale holds the record as the deepest diving air breathing animal.
Koki But you're entering the Midnight Zone. It looks like even a sperm whale can't go deeper than that.
Martin I'll grab her!
Martin grabs Bumper's mom.
Martin Ahh, gotcha! With my tentacle club.
Chris Whoo! A 90,000 pound sperm whale is really heavy, even underwater. Yes! We're reversing her fall.
Martin Hey, and this is another never before seen creature moment (straining)
Chris Huh?
Martin Squid and whale powers working together! Ha ha-- Oof!
Chris Oh yeah! Oh, better check on Bumper.
Chris A giant squid! Wait, it's a different body shape. Bigger! Ten feet longer! Oh, it's a colossal squid! A newly discovered species.
Chris It's after Bumper! I've got to get there first.
Martin Go, Chris, go! Oh, but hurry back! I'm running out of squid strength! Ahh, we're sinking!
Cut to Tortuga HQ floating in the water.
Aviva Who's gonna get there first?
Koki I can't tell. Too close to call.
Jimmy Hurry, Moby-Chris.
Chris Bumper! Not gonna get there in time! But my sonic boom can. (Boom-click) A powerful whale sound that can stun the squid. Arms off! Uh oh. Arms off Bumper, but now they're on me! The colossal squid has sharp section cups, too. (Straining) Got an arm. Oh, but you've got nine more. Whoa, and colossal squid tentacles have spinning hooks. And they've got me. Ah-- But listen, colossal squid, and listen close: So what if you've got spinning hooks? So what if you've got the largest eye in the world? As large as a large pizza. You don't scare me. Can you take the shake? (Metal rattling) Okay, then. Martin, help.
Martin Uh, Chris, I was just gonna ask you the same thing.
Chris Why?
Martin Because we're sinking right towards-- Underwater volcanoes! And they're active.
Chris But the squid just chewed off one of my fins.
Martin But I'm drifting straight to a pool of bubbling lava.
Chris Ah, his spinning hooks are shredding my back!
Martin A volcano's erupting.
Chris Chewing through the glass!
Martin Oh! Giant gas-filled rocks hurtling towards me! Oh! Giant gas-filled rocks hurtling towards me! Gotcha! Whoa! Goin' up! Hang on, mama whale! Whoo hoo!
Chris Hurry, when he's done destroying my whale suit, he's gonna devour me!
Martin Uh, excuse me, your colossalness? Uh, don't you know it's not nice to eat creature rescuers? Whoa! I've got no strength to fight back. She's almost torn through my suit!
Cut to Tortuga HQ inside.
Koki The sperm whale has only five minutes of air!
Aviva It's too deep for us to help you.
Jimmy Can anybody say, "Uh oh"?
Cut to underwater.
Chris Oh no, stay away, Bumper. Save yourself!
Martin Aww, what a buddy. He's trying to save us with a little boom-click. Whoa! Bumper, was that you?
Chris I don't think so. Only one creature could do that. The loudest animal on earth.
Chris and Martin A full-grown bull sperm whale!
Chris A direct hit from his boom-click could knock down a small house.
Martin It totally stunned the colossal squid. Whoa, he's bigger than an 18-wheeler truck. The biggest toothed predator in the history of planet Earth! The battle between a colossal squid and a bull sperm whale. A face-off between the largest eye and the biggest brain in the creature world. Oh! Whoa!
Chris and Martin The sperm whale wins!
Chris Come on, let's go.
Martin Hang in there, mom, we're heading to air.
Jimmy Thar they-- blow.
Chris Yes! She made it!
Martin Now that was a whale of a rescue.
Chris and Martin Deactivate.
Aviva Let's get you out of this ghost net.
Chris (chuckling) Looks like Bumper's happy to have his mom back. All right, here they are, the sperm whales. The biggest-brained animals that ever lived.
Martin Who make the loudest sound of all animals.
Chris Are the deepest air-breathing divers.
Martin The eaters of giant and colossal squid!
Chris Swimming free and in the wild.
The show transitions into the ending live action segment, which shows the Kratt brothers talking about the different groups of whales.
Chris There are two different groups of whales, the toothed whales--
Martin And the baleen whales.
Chris Toothed whales, like sperm whales, beluga whales, killer whales and dolphins, have teeth. And they're predators. So they hunt their prey using echolocation.
Martin Baleen whales, they don't have teeth. Baleen whales are whales like fin whales, humpback whales, minke whales and instead of teeth, they have... Baleen in their mouths. And this is how they catch their food. The water comes in this side, goes through the baleen, and then when it comes out this side, these little hairs catch all the tiny plants and animals floating in the water, and that's what the baleen whales eat!
Chris The baleen whales are all around us, using their baleen right now!
Martin Let's move out! Chris, you got that camera?
Chris We can stick this pole cam right in the water when we find them.
Martin Shh, listen.
(water hissing)
Martin A humpback!
Chris We heard a humpback.
Martin Where is she? There's a humpback whale swimming around. Humpback!
Chris Whoa!
Martin See why they call them humpback, they've got that knobby hump, and then the dorsal fin goes up-- and then down.
Chris Humpbacks are also baleen whales.
Martin And that's why the whale's here: To eat, to filter all those plants and animals, those tiny microscopic creatures, out of the water that is the whale's food. Oh wow, that white, that's her fin, the white's her fin. And white on the edge of the tail-- Here she comes. Oh! So close! We're just drifting and she's drifting along. We're in perfect position. That was a good spout! Now that spout is a breath of air. It's kind of like when you breathe out in the winter: The hot air from inside the whale mixes with the cool air, and then you get that mist cloud. There he goes. The humpback whale. Whales are great!
Chris Oh yeah! We'll see you on the creature trail.
Martin Keep on creature adventuring.