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These are all episode ideas by Uranimated18

Bird Fighters

While exploring a New Guinea rainforest, Chris and Martin encounter one of the rarest and most teritorial birds in the world; the cassowary. At first he dosen't see them, until another male appears from behind them and the 2 of them engage in a serious claw fight. The brothers then follow the winning male to a nest where they see he has 3 eggs. But while the crew is watching the whole thing from the Tortuga a Goodfellow's Tree-Kangaroo sneaks in and steals Jimmy's controller.

Rarely or Never Before seen Wildlife Moment: Two male Cassowarys having a stand off, Cassowary eggs hatching, Male Cassowarys fending off Salwater Crocodile.

Animals Featured: Cassowary, Saltwater Crocodile, Goodfellow's Tree-Kangaroo

Animal Names: Leapster, Fighter

Javelina Sandwiches

The Wild Kratts have just received word from their friend Javier that Gourmand is in the Sonoran Desert rounding up javelinas to make javerina sandwiches. So they quickly rush to the desert to help, when they get there they come across a javelina piglet they name "Oinker" who almost gets attacked by a coyote. So with "Javelina Powers" the Wild Kratts must save Oinker's family before the become barbequed.

Animals Featured: Javelina, Chihuahua, Coyote, Turkey Vulture, Gila Monster, Scorpion, Spotted Skunk

Animal Names: Oinker, Pacho


While swinging through the tree-tops of an Asian rainforest, the Kratt brothers encounter a troop of hillock gibbons. One of which they name "Swinger" because of his long swinging arms. But when Chris' Creature Pod falls out of his pocket and Swinger catches it and won't give it back, the bros must use gibbon power to get it back.

Rarely or Never Before seen Wildlife Moment: Black Panther hunting Gibbons, Gibbons fending off Python.

Animals Featured: Lar Gibbon, Black Panther, Draco Lizard, Python

Animal Names: Swinger, Little Swinger

Running with Horses

The Wild Kratts travel to Asia to see the endangered Przewlski's Horses. But when a Snow Leopard attacks the herd, one horse foal is left behind and the Wild Kratts must get her back to her herd.

Rarely or Never Before seen Wildlife Moment: Snow Leopard hunting Przewski Horse.

Animals Featured: Przewalski Horse, Snow Leopard, Peregrine Falcon.

Animal Names: Trotter, Dusty

The Land Dragon

The Wild Kratts travel to the Indonesian island of Komodo to search for one of the largest lizards in the world; The Komodo Dragon.

Rarely or Never Before seen Wildlife Moment: Komodo Dragon attacking Bawean Deer

Animals Featured: Komodo Dragon, Bawean Deer, Rat

Animal Names: Bruiser

The Ante-loper Contest

During their latest adventure in Africa, the Wild Kratts want to record all the known species of antelope that live there. So they decide to have a little contest to see who can find the most species, Chris teams up with Aviva and Martin teams up with Koki, with Jimmy keeping score in the Tortuga (hoping it won't be like the Crocogator Contest).

Animals Featured: Thompson's Gazelle, Kudu, Wildebeest, Impala, Waterbuck, Bush Buck, Common Hartebeest, Gerenuk, Sable Antelope, Eland, Springbok, Oryx, Spotted Hyena, Lion, Black Rhino.

Animal Names: Shrub

Kratts Best Friend

The Wild Kratts have discovered an unknown pack of African Wild Dogs on the plains of Zimbabwe. The only problem is that Zach has discovered them too and plans to turn them into his own personal robotic attack dogs and now its up to the Wild Kratts to save them.

Animals Featured: African Wild Dog, Wildebeest, Lion, Praying Mantis

Animal Names: Rascal, Spot, Little Frisky, Fido, Rover, Cinnamon, Runt

African Wild Dog Powers

Ice Wrestlers

Chris and Martin come to Antarctica to study the behavior of the Elephant Seal.

Animals Featured: Elephant Seal, Emperor Penguin, Albatross, Killer Whale, Squid

Animal Names: Mammoth, Tiny

Elephant Seal Powers

Operation: Save the Sea Turtles

Similar to their Mom of a Croc expedition, the Wild Kratts have returned to the Caribbean Sea the witness the birth of baby sea turtles. Together they must protect the newborn turtles from predators such as seagulls and Gourmand, who has plans to make sea turtle soup.

Animals Featured: Green-Back Sea Turtle, Seagull, King Crab, Brown Pelican, Great White Shark, Jellyfish


While exploring the jungles of the Congo, the Wild Kratts come across a very rare okapi. At first Koki thinks its a cross between a giraffe and a zebra? So Chris and Martin decide to investigate the secrets of the mysterious creature.

Rarely or Never Before seen Wildlife Moment: Two male Okapis fighting for female

Animals Featured: Okapi, Nile Crocodile, Chimpanzee, Honey Guide, Gray Parrot

Animal Names: Fudge, Cocoa

Down the River 

The Wild Kratts go on a journey down to map out the Congo River, on their way they check out some of the creatures that live in the river. But Gourmand is also interested in the river's inhabitants too, as he collects as many different river creatures as he can to make Congo River Sushi. Now its up to the Kratt Brothers to stop Gourmand and save those fish.

Animals Featured: Hippo, Nile Crocodile, Clawless Otter, Soft-Shelled Turtle, Elephantfish, Cichlid, West African Lungfish, Bichir, Toothcarp

Red Head

The Wild Kratts come across the rare and endangered Red-Ruffed Lemur. But Donita Donata also finds it and plans to turn it into a hat.

Animals Featured: Red-Ruffed Lemur, Boa Constrictor

Silky Sifaka

While exploring the northern part of Madagascar the Wild Kratts find one of the rarest and most endangered of all lemurs; the Silky Sifaka. But Donita Donata also has discovered them and has plans to use their fur for her fashions, so now the Kratt Bros must rescue these sifakas before its too late.

Animal Names: Silky

Animals Featured: Silky Sifaka, Madagascar Harris Hawk, Spiny Chameleon

Ostrich Eggs 

The Wild Kratts are exploring the African Savannah when they decide to check out one of the largest flightless-birds in the world; the ostrich. When they find on they discover it has eggs, but Gourmand has discovered them too and plans to make ostrich egg omelets. Can the Wild Kratts stop him before its too late?

Animals Featured: Ostrich, Lion, Warthog, African Elephant, Crested Porcupine

Ostrich Powers

Masters of the Mountain

The Kratt Bros come to the rocky mountains of North America where they try to unlock the secrets of Mountain Goat Powers, where they meet a young goat kid whom Martin names Rocky. But when a rockslide occurs Martin and Rocky get separated, to make matters worse a mountain lion is stalking them. Now Martin must get Rocky home before they become prey for the hungry cat.

Animals Featured: Mountain Goat, Mountain Lion, Bald Eagle

Rarely or Never Before seen Wildlife Moment: Mountain Lion hunting Mountain Goats, Mountain Goat head-butting battle.

Animal Names: Rocky, Bone Breaker

Mountain Goat Powers

Flight of the Aviators

After a Creature Adventure goes haywire, Martin is captured by a raven and soon goes for a ride with some of the largest birds in North America. Now the crew must find Martin before he is lost forever.

Animals Featured: Grasshopper, Gray Squirrel, Blue Jay, Magpie, Largemouth Bass, Bald Eagle

Animal Names: Liberty, Justice, Peace

Lost in the Outback

After a heavy sandstorm in the Australian Outback, the WIld Kratts crew have become separated from each others. So now they have to make do with their witts to find each other before the desert heat claims them.

Animals Featured: Red Kangaroo, Dingo, Emu, Thorny Devil.

Weird and Wonderful

Similar to their Tenrec Treasure Hunt, Chris and Martin come up with a scavenger hunt to find some of the most bizarre and incredible creatures of Australia.

Animals Featured: Hairy-Nosed Wombat, Bandicoot, Frilled-Neck Lizard, Short-Nosed Echidna, Platypus, Dingo, Kookaburra, Ant.

And Dingo Was His Name-O

Animals Featured: Dingo

Animal Names: Bingo

Dingo Powers

Wallaby Rescue

While exploring a small woodland forest in southern Australia, the Wild Kratts come across a mob of the rare rock wallaby. But soon Paisley Paver shows up and tries to pave over the wallaby's home, now the Wild Kratts must use Wallaby Powers to protect their new friends and stop Paisley.

Animals Featured: Yellow-Footed Rock-Wallaby

Rock-Wallaby Powers

Wild Kratt Island

After getting caught in a hurricane, the Tortuga lands on an uncharted island where the Wild Kratts crew decides to explore and see what unknown species of animals live there.

Animals Featured: Draco Lizard, Hummingbird, Rhesus Monkey, Monitor Lizard, Clouded Leopard, Munjac Deer, Slender Loris.

Into the Anthill

The Wild Kratts go mini-sized and enter the mysterious world of ants.

Animals Featured: Ant, Anteater

Bandy the Armadillo

Animals Featured: Armadillo

Animal Names: Bandy

Hoot Hoot

While on a campout with Wild Kratt kids; Katie, Aidan and Nolan, Chris and Martin show them the amazing creature powers of the great horned owl.

Animals Featured: Great Horned Owl, Field Mouse, Bat, Red Fox

Owl Powers

Till the Sea Cows Come Home

Animals Featured: West Indian Manatee, Alligator, Mosquito

Manatee Powers

Night Hoppers

Animals Featured: Springhare, Leopard, Spotted Hyena

Springhare Powers

Toucan Do It

When Paisley Paver tries to bulldoze the Amazon, its up to the Kratt Brothers to activate Toucan Powers to stop her.

Animals Featured: Toco Toucan

Animal Names: Nutcracker

Toucan Powers


Animals Featured: Giant Anteater, Jaguar, Scarlett Macaw, Ant

Where the Guanacos Are

While exploring the mountain ranges of Argentina, the Wild Kratts come across a herd of wild Guanaco. But so has Donita, who plans to steal the whole herd and mass produce a whole line of clothing made from their wool. So now the Wild Kratts must save the herd before its too late.

Animals Featured: Guanaco, Puma

Whale Shark

Animals Featured: Whale Shark, Tiger Shark, Plankton

A Bird by Any Other Name

Animals Featured: Kiwi, Tuatara

Beluga Whale Breakfast

After a sleepover in the Arctic with their friend Nua, the Wild Kratts spot a pod of beluga whales swimming by and they decide to follow them. But they're not the only ones, Gourmand soon arrives with plans to serve whale meat for his customers, can the Wild Kratts stop him before its too late?

Animals Featured: Beluga Whale, Polar Bear

Down on the Farm

The Wild Kratts decide to spend some time on a local farm where they learn there are some surprising crature powers in domestic animals.

Animals Featured: Dairy Cow, Chicken, Quarter Horse, Billy Goat, Yorkshire Pig, Honey Bee, Robin

Snow Leopard Rescue

The Wild Kratts travel to the Himalayan mountains of Nepal to look for the elusive and endanger snow leopard. But Donita Donata is looking for them to use in her latest fashion line, so now the brothers must use Snow Leopard Powers to stop her before its too late.

Animals Featured: Snow Leopard, Yak, Ibex, Himalayan Brown Bear

Rarely or Never before seen Wildlife Moment: Snow Leopard hunting Ibex, Snow Leopard fending of Himalayan Brown Bear

Mongoose vs Cobra

The Wild Kratts travel to the jungles of India where they makes friends with an Indian gray mongoose who soon engages with one of the deadliest snakes in Asia; the hooded cobra

Animals Featured: Indian Gray Mongoose, Hooded Cobra

Rarely or Never before seen Wildlife Moment: Mongoose/Cobra battle

Sun Bear-Sitting

While exploring the rainforest of Borneo the brothers find a lost sun bear cud and name him Sunny (for obvious reason) and now they have to find his mother. But while doing so they began to teach the cub on how to survive in the rainforest and learn some surprising facts about this amazing creature.

Animals Featured: Sun Bear, Clouded Leopard, Termite

A Mouse in the House

While hanging out, Wild Kratt kids Katie and Ellie discover a mouse has moved in to Katie's house. As much as they like animals they don't like them in their house, so they call the Wild Kratts to help them round it up without the use of traps.

Animals Featured: Field Mouse

Galago Baby

Animals Featured: Galago, Spotted-Eagle Owl

Highland Hello

The Wild Kratts head for the Ethiopian Highlands of North-Eastern Africa. The only problem is they each want to check out different animals; Martin wants to see the Nubian ibex, Chris wants to see the gelada baboons and Aviva wants to check out the rare and endangered Ethiopian wolves. So they each decide to split up and check out their own favorite and see what they learn from them.

Animals: Nubian Ibex, Ethiopian Wolf, Gelada Baboon, Long-Crested Eagle, Leopard

The Mysterious Jungle Glider

Animals Featured: Philippine Flying Lemur, Philippine Eagle, Python

The Mystery of the Singing Whales

Animals Featured: Humpback Whale, Bull Shark, Sea Gull, Menhaden

A Wild Kratt Vacation

The Wild Kratts and Wild Kratts crew take all their Wild Kratt kids from around the world on a vacation in the Bahamas. But their fun is cut short when Zach, Donita, Gourmand and Paisley arrive to ruin their vacation and rid themselves of the Wild Kratts once and for all. Will the Wild Kratts come out on top one again or will the villains finally have the last laugh?

Animals Featured: Brown Pelican, Sperm Whale, Bottle-Nosed Dolphin, Seagull, Hawks-billed Turtle

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