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Start of a Dino-rific Journey

While thinking about what creature to adventure with, Martin suggest that they go adventuring with creatures that they never had never adventured with before, the most powerful creatures to ever roam the earth:The DINOSAURS. Aviva, Koki and Jimmy then realize that they have been working on a time machine that can transport not only transport all them, but the Whole Tortuga as well. As the crew finish working on the machine, Martin and Chris are trying to figure out which time period to explore. After Some disagreements, the brothers decide that they should go in order from Triassic, to Jurassic and finally, the Cretaceous. Then, as soon as the rest of the crew finish the machine, they start it up and away they go, and as they head 231.4 million years back in time to the Early Triassic on the Start of a Dino-rific Journey.

Animals Featured: Gray Squirrel, Gray wolf, Black bear, White-tailed deer, Wild Turkey, Cougar, Striped skunk, Coyote

Animals Names: Little howler, Lighting

Dino-mite Triassic Life

The Wild Kratts head back to Western Gondwana, 231.4 million years ago, also known as Triassic Northwestern Argentina. When they get their, they realize that it's a-lot more dry than Modern day Argentina. While Jimmy-Z & Koki watch over HQ, Martin, Chris and Aviva (who brings her mobile invention kit and her creature power suit) go out to search for some Creatures. As they walk around, Martin spots a group of Herreresaurus running from a Fasolasuchus and a young Male Eoraptor on his way to the Eoraptor Breeding Grounds. As they walk with him, they realize the young male is standing very still. When they look around, they realize why he's standing so still, a saurosuchus, a crocodilian relative who was the top predator of his habitat during this time to all small and big animals including Eoraptors! But theirs a good side, he's 4 miles away so that gives him time to hide and Aviva time to make Eoraptor power suits for all three of them. Now the predator was 1 mile away. By then, Aviva has made the power suits but since three Eoraptor power suits would take to long, Aviva made one quick and easy Saurosuchus power disk. Martin gets the disk but when the Sauro walks away, the team decides to spit up, Martin goes with the Saurosuchus and Chris and Aviva, who both have already activated Eoraptor powers, to follow Tiny-R(short for Tiny-Raptor) to the Breeding grounds. Martin soon activates Saurosuchus powers from a skull he found of one. While trying to find out what to name his new friend, he finds himself between a rare creature moment, Saurosuchus vs Hyperodapedon. Meanwhile, Chris, Aviva and Tiny-R are half way to the Breeding Grounds, when they're attacked by a Fasolasuchus, which leads to trouble, they decide to split up and run in different directions to confuse the hungry predator. After a few hours of running, they make it to the Breeding Grounds, but they also see Martin and Crusher the Saurosuchus. Now they must save both the Eoraptors from the Hungry Saurosuchus and get the Saurosuchus out of their before the bigger male Fasolasuchus comes around. After all the commotion, they find a new Breeding Grounds for the Eoraptors, a new territory for crusher and find there way to the Tortoga HQ. After the Adventure in the Triassic they have one last look at the landscape then head back in time to have a new adventure.

Animals Featured: Eoraptor, Saurosuchus, Herrerasaurus, Rhynchosaurs, Hyperodapedon, Fasolasuchus

Never Before/Rarely Seen Wildlife Moments: Triassic Creatures, Saurosuchus vs Fasolasuchus fighting for territory, Saurosuchus Attacking Eoraptors, Fasolasuchus fighting Rhynchosaur, Saurosuchus vs Hyperodapedon

Animals Names: Tiny-R, Moon, Dawn, Early-Bird, Lunensis, Tiny-R Jr., Crusher

Creature Power Suits Used: Eoraptor Powers, Saurosuchus Powers

Classic in the Jurassic Part 1: Antarctic Troubles

As they prepare to leave, Martin and Chris are still suggest which dinosaur to see next. Then Jimmy suggest they go see a Cryolophasaurus, Jimmy's favorite dinosaur.

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