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Info: this is a episode idea with the Kamen Rider series connected. Every Human or Intelligent Ape is allowed to put his Wild Kratts/Rider ideas here. but there are some rules.

  1. Every Episode features the PlusApperence of a Kamen Rider from Showa or Heisei.
  2. the Kamen Riders learn to interact with Item-Based Animals for example: from the Disc Animals,Advent Cards and Core Medals.
  3. Enjoy your Ideas

The Passing through Kamen Riders

Featured Rider: Decade, DiEnd

Featured Animals: Wolf,Praying Mantis,Alligator, Asuan Longhornbeetle

Cho-Henshin, Kuuga Power

Featured Rider: Kuuga

Featured Animals: Stag Beetle

Wake Up! Kivat and the Vampire Bats

Featured Rider: Kiva, Ixa, Saga

Featured Animals: Vampire Bat, Spider Monkey, Sheep

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