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Start of an Magical Adventure

The Kratt Team are finished with all Missions of Animals from Today and Extinct Animals, thats why they make a Game to find out how Animals from other parts of the Earth could survive in the North American Forests. Martin choses Ring Tailed Lemur Power, Chris chooses the mighty Orangutan, Aviva is choosing the Jaguar, Koki chooses the Chameleon, Jimmy is choosing the Sloth and CyberClaw is using the Tarsier. Suddenly a female Wizard in blue and Green named Udonna appered to search for the Wild Team. She is telling the Kratt Brothers from their ancestor Thadaeus Kratt a Zoogologist who studied Mythical Creatures. From this day on The Team knows that Mythical and Cryptozoological Creatures arent just Fairy Tales but Endagered Species that are in trouble again cause a Dark Magician called Ragnarok has the Plan to Destroy those Species.

Animals Featured: Squirrel, Moose, Wolf,Catta( Flashback ), Tyrannosaurus ( Flashback ), African Elephant( Flashback)

Minotaur Meeting

The Team and Udonna are traveling to Greek where Xander the Minotaur and his Family lives.

Animals Featured: Minotaur

The Power of Fairy Dust

The Team is now in the woods of Europe were the Fairys live

Mermaid Kingdom

Aviva meets a mermaid named Coralie that needs the Wild Kratts help to save her kingdom

Chip: The Dancing Garuda

The Phoenix from the Ash

Dragon Adventure

Let`s Go Titan Size

cause a Accident with the Minituraizer Aviva and Koki are 100 Meters tall.

Centaur Ride

Firebird Flight

Roar of the Manticore

Riding a Unicorn

The Troll-Mines

Zach forced the Trolls to work in his Mines and its up to the Kratt Brothers to save them.

The Big Angry Ogre

Flight on Pegasus

A Hydra named Curse

Never have a Gorgon as Girlfriend

Run, Demon, Run!

The Mystery of the Yeti

The team climb the Himalayas to find the Abominable Snowman, only problem is that when a stone lands on Martins CPS, it soon turns him into a yeti.

See like an Cyclops


Zombies dont eat Brains!

Vampire Fact Files

The Team goes to Transylvania to save Dracula from Zach.

Chupacabra Hunt


Typhon has Arrived

The Island is a Turtle!?

Animals Featured: Zaratan

Jimmy, Yenaldooshi and Tortillas...( Don't Ask)

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