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Long-necked Mamenchisaurus

The Kratt bros and Aviva use the time boots Aviva just invented to travel back in time to the dinosaur age. Going to the jurassic period to the time of 160 MYA they find a Mamenchisaurus herd. Martin names one Longnecky, who was being stalked. His herd was being stalked too! A yangchuanosaurus pack is hunting a baby mamenchisaur. Chris and Martin use Mamenchisaurus Powers to save the baby. They taught the mamenchisaurs how to kick, roll, and bite enemies. Just then the Time Boots were losing energy fast so the bros had to enter the time portal created by the boots. Aviva and the mamenchisaur that was saved from the yangchuanosaur went with them. When they arrived the time travelling function exploded, but they can explore modern places with the boots. But first Martin and Chris looked in the computer and were surprised that there was 1 Mamenchisaurus remaining. Then they saw the mamenchisaurus which Martin named Follower. Soon after the mamenchisaurus was released.

Animals Featured: Mamenchisaurus, Yangchuanosaurus

Never Before Seen Moments: a living Mamenchisaurus, a living Yangchuanosaurus, Mamenchisaurus defending against Yangchuanosaurus, etc.

Animal Names: Longnecky, Follower

MYA = million years ago

Credit to Dino Dan for the name "Longnecky"

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