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Martin Chris Octopus Wildkratticus We just discovered Wild Kratts (season 8).
Although Wild Kratts (season 8) may refer to the actual Wild Kratts series, it is entirely made by fans of Wild Kratts, and should be treated as so.
Martin Chris Mystery of the Weird Looking Walrus I'm not feeling so good.

Warning: mature content

This article contains varying amounts of graphic, coarse, and/or profane content not suitable for the target audience of Wild Kratts. However, if you are comfortable with said material, you are free to view the rest of the page. Otherwise, please move on to doing something else.
Koki Tazzy Chris 1.1
Did you have to remind me?

Spoiler warning!

This article contains major spoilers. Do not read beyond this warning if you do not wish to reveal to yourself any critical plot, event, and/or character details that might hinder your enjoyment of said media.
These are new episode ideas to make possible for Season 8 of Wild Kratts.

Season 8 episodes

The fictive season of Wild Kratts, New Episode ideas for which the Wild Kratts make possibly a Fake Season

See all the 28 Episodes

Total Season Episode Date
TBA 1 36 Cat Species TBA
TBA 2 Start of a Fused Adventure TBA
TBA 3 American Lemurs TBA
TBA 4 Frogs and Soaps TBA
TBA 5 Nightmare Amazonian TBA

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