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These are Wild Kratts episode ideas based on Fairytales, folklore, and folktales.

Robin Hood The Wild

Chris has a dream of being a legendary hero of an animal kingdom called Animalia named Robin Hood The Wild who is accompanied by baby, juvenile, and adult creatures known as the Merry Creatures and spends their time taking from the rich and giving to not just the poor, but also the wild! But when Donita Donata (playing as the mean and rich queen) holds up a competition to whoever is the best archer and will receive the golden arrow and also a kiss from Aviva (playing as Maid Arianna), Robin Hood must go in disguise to win for the goal!

Animals introduced:

Red Panda, Arctic Wolf, Perigan Falcon, Osprey, Orangutan, Spider Monkey, Gray Wolf, Muskox, Chameleon, Spirit Bear, Lawes Parotia, Balisk Lizard, Proboscis Monkey, Giant Panda, Golden Snub Nosed Monkey, Pangolin, Jaguar, Snowshore Hare, Horses, Spotted Skunk, Lynx, Scarlet Macow, Sea Turtle, Caracal, Streak Tenrec, Gila Monster, Snowy Owl, Black Footed Ferret, Otters (Sea and River), Cheetah, Pronghorn, Clouded Leopard, Zebra, Raccoon, Sloth, Aye Aye, Ring Tailed Lemur, Secretary Bird, Black Bear, African Crested Porcupine, Rhino, Elephant, Harpy Eagle

Animals names:

Lost-and-Found, Baby Tooth, Slip Grip, Huge-O, Grabsy, Target, Stomp, Gular, Frosty, Lockjaw, Mr. P-U Skunk, Stuffo, Schnozzle, Quillber, Nubs, Thornsley, Clingon, Artichoke, T-Rex, Shadow, Slider, Cork, Hangtime, Bandito, Shield, Splashclaw, Kid Musky

The Prince And The Jaguar

Shadow becomes bored with his life in the wild and wants to have a new one. Later one day, a South American parade is being held and sitting on one of the floats is the princess's pet black jaguar, Shady. Shady and Shadow become quick friends and they switch places with each other for the day. But when Shadow is taken by Zach (who mistakens him for the princess's pet), Shady, Grabsy, and the Wild Kratts must save him before it's too late!

Animals introduced:

Jaguar, Spider Monkey, Harpy Eagle, Sloth

Animal names:

Shadow, Shady, Grabsy, Chillax

The Three Marten-teers

Martin is reunited with his favorite animals of the creature world: the pine marten and the purple marten. And he forms a new trio called the Three Marten-teers, which are like the Three Muskateers. But Chris refuses to join in as he is still jealous of Martin who has animals named after him until Zach and his Zachbots invade the forest and plan to capture all the animals and turn them into his robots again. Will Chris accept to join the three Marten-teers and stop Zach before it's too late?

Animals introduced:

Pine Marten, Purple Marten, Red Squirrel, Moose, Deer, Blue Jay, Beaver, Black Bear

Animal names:

Martin Jr., Lil' Marty

Goldie-Stripes and the Five Wild Kratts

While the Wild Kratts are out for a stroll in the Savannah Grasslands, a rare golden striped zebra walks into the Tortuga to eat and sleep in their HQ. But some things around HQ are too hot and too cold, until some things are just right until the Wild Kratts come back and find a golden striped zebra in their HQ.

Animals introduced:

Golden striped zebra, lion, honey badger

Animal names:

Goldie-Stripes, Tough-O, Martin, Chris

The Three Little Galagos

Martin and Chris meet three little galagos who are in need of a new home after their tree was destroyed by a thunderstorm. But while trying to find them a new tree to call home, a big bad leopard plans to eat them. Can the Kratt bros find the perfect home for their galago friends before the big bad leopard gets them and eats them for lunch?

Animals introduced:

Galagos, Leopard

Animal names:

Gal, Gally, Gala, Big Bad Leopard

Little Red Panda Hood

After Chris reads Lost And Found a bedtime story of Little Red Riding Hood, she dreams of being a red panda version of Little Red Riding Hood while Koki is her grandma, the Kratt bros are the huntsmen, and Zach Varmitech is the Big Bad Wolf! Can Lost And Found get her basket of treats to Koki and get past Zach the big bad wolf, or will she be turned into a scarf before the Kratt huntsmen save her?

Animals introduced:

Red Panda

Animal names:

Lost And Found

Aviva In Wonderland

Aviva stumbles into a groundhog hole and enters a world full of fun, wonder, excitement, and madness called Wonderland. There, she will meet new friends who might have the key to bringing her back home to the real world. But can Aviva trust any of them, or is everything in Wonderland not at all what she sees?

Animals introduced:

Tiger, Snowshoe Hare, Hispid Hare, Groundhog, Walrus, Monarch Caterpillar, Flamingo, Tenrec, Meadow Vole, Opossum

Animal names:

Cheshire Tiger, White Hare

The Knights Of The Creature Table

When the Kratts brothers babysit the wolf puppies while their parents are out hunting tonight, Martin tells Little Howler and his brothers and sisters a Knights Of The Round Table version story called The Knights Of The Creature Table, whic is a story about five brave knights accompanied by their own young but clever animal friends. Together, they venture deep into the forest to find the legendary cup of nature whle passing through obstacles and trusting their instincts. But Sir Zachalot has plans to get the four knights out of his way and keep the cup for himself.

Animals introduced:

Gray wolf, Cheetah, Koala, Snowy owl, Black Jaguar, Brown bat

Animal names:

Sir Spots-A-Lot, Dusk, Winter, Brave Howler, Bites

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