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Gourmand Stuck on Sharks 3 Au revoir.

This page is a candidate for deletion for the following reasons:
There is no need to create an individual page for a trivia game. Instead of that, the creator should've created a blog post, and use <poll> and </poll> to create polls for people to answer. This is method is efficient, and reduces the chances of users cheating.

If you disagree with this page being a candidate for deletion, please explain why right here or improve the page and remove this tag. Before deleting, always check what links here and the page history.

This is basically a trivia game about Wild Kratts. It can be about anything from the episodes to the release date of a DVD.


1) Anyone can play

•Wikia contributers (guests) must sign the end of thier posts with either their name or a nickname to get the point

♦Example: Answer


2) The first person to answer it correctly gets the point

•You can argue, but it won't do anything

3) No using someone else's name/nickname as your own

4) No editing your answer

•Once you have already published your answer, you can not change it in another comment.

5) No cheating

6) Anyone can ask a quetion, and anyone can answer

7) You can use anywhere [including internet and this wiki] tofind the answers to the quetions

8) About the Wild Kratts show only; No quetions about fan made characters, worlds, romance, etc.




Kratt brothers fan addict

Wild Kratts Fan 1



1) Lovemeaviva- 9 points;

2) Kratt Brothers Fanaddict (contributer)- 7 points;

3) snowflake1814 (contributer)- 6 points;

4) Wild Kratts super fan1- 3 points;

5)Bob (contributer) 2 points

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