Zach's Terrain Vehicle is a terrain racing machine built by Zach in Cheetah Racer to race against Aviva's Cheetah Racer Vehicle.


For the rules of the race, Chris declared that both vehicles must be ground-racing vehicles, and no using live animals to power their machines. Zach however, broke both those rules by using Blur to power his machines speed. Halfway throu the race Martin discovered this and set Blur free, stopping Zach's machine in its tracks.


the ZTV wheel


ZTV, safari edition!! stage

In flying stage

Frustrated, Zach activated his machines hidden function, instantly the cockpit broke-away from the rest of the racer and flew off towards the finish line. Martin confronted Zach (wearing his peregrine Falcon suit) tell him it was against the rules, but Zach pointed out a tiny wheel on a thin pole dangling from the bottom of his jet, saying See that polymer string, its touching the ground, so technically I'm on the ground, not flying, and Martins response was Are You Kidding Me!!


ZTV.control pannel

Ztv control pannel

ZTV.Cheetah racer.3